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Some Great Ways To Get A Cheaper Car Insurance Quote:

I always get people who are always asking me for any sneaky ways of getting any cheaper car insurance quotes so rather than answering everyone’s questions individually, I have put together this quick guide to hopefully help anyone who wants to find out how to lower their insurance premiums.

1. Try Getting Older (OK not too old).

It might be a time consuming way but for the most part price of your car insurance will go down as you get older.

2. Be a Younger Girl (or a lady if you prefer).

The simple fact of the matter is, girls are statistically safer drivers than boys are and insurance premiums reflect this. I’m not suggesting gender realignment surgery (if you are considering it I’d suggest you’re reading the wrong article). You’ll just have to be lucky with the way you were born.

3. Get Married.

It would be pretty drastic to do this just to lower your car insurance premiums but if you were already planning to get married, you should notice that the your car insurance will cost less after you tie the knot than it did before.

4. Change Jobs.

Some jobs are deemed lower risk than others; you might be a millionaire actor but if you want a cheaper car insurance quote, you’d be better off running away and joining the Army.

5. Stop Having So Many Accidents.

The more you crash your car the higher your insurance quotes will be. It’s not too much of a difficult concept.

6. Stop Speeding.

Even the one irritating speeding ticket can drive up the cost of your car insurance quotes.

7. Buy a rubbish car.

Your Aston Martin Vanquish might make the neighbours jealous but wouldn’t you rather they were jealous of your car insurance premium? Switching it to a car with a smaller engine ought to do the trick.
Talking of neighbours.

8. Move House.

By proxy, living in inner cities makes you tougher than a bull elephant, but the downside of that is that your car is more likely to be stolen, so your car insurance premiums may be higher than say, someone living in the country; it usually helps to own your house too.

9. Get a Garage.

If you are buying a nice house in the country (perhaps with the money you made in selling your Aston Martin), get one with a garage. You will often find that insurance companies will give you cheaper car insurance quotes if you keep your car in a garage.

10. Stop Driving Altogether.

It might take you more than three days to walk back to the inner city from the countryside but if you want to stop paying car insurance costs altogether what better way to do it? You’d be a hero to hippies everywhere and think of all the other savings you’ll make on top! No more fuel, no more car tax, no more costly MOTs and absolutely no chance of a speeding fine (I’m going to assume you can’t walk faster than 70 miles an hour but I’m happy to be proved wrong). Of course, you could get the train....

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I don't have a clue what this is about but I'm s fast learner


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